“Unfortunately, the current rules negotiated in 2017 by some of today`s loudest critics are confusing,” said Richard J. Mark, president and president of Ameren Illinois. “Given that the network meter issue is under review, we want to assure our new rooftop solar customers that they are receiving the permitted benefits, as required by regulation. At the same time, it is important that we ensure that the important protection of customers is preserved. Ameren filed a letter to the ICC on Friday announcing plans to move from total net retail to distributed monthly production rebates, which would account for about half of the total net measure credit. The amendments apply only to residential customers who request a net measure after October 2. Clean Energy Groups claim that Ameren is distorting Illinois` status to avoid its legal responsibility to fairly compensate rooftop solar installations and help Illinois meet its clean energy goals. In July, an Icc administrative law judge ruled that Ameren`s calculations on the number of customers using net meters were wrong and concluded that Ameren should continue to credit customers with the full retail value of their solar energy for at least another two years. I`m in the same situation. I complained to The Icc, the BBB and the Illinois Attorney General. I am preparing my formal complaint to the ICC. This change comes after I applied for the net measure on August 24, 2020. I will fight against that and, in our situation, we need to get more people to express their opposition to the change of net measure after Ameren approves the systems.

Ameren will receive half of my production for free, as he is never able to use the credit that he will only generate on the supply side of the bill. My system could have been half as big, but why should I spend all this money to produce only half of my electricity needs?! a. Measuring the grid is a way to record the energy consumed and produced by a renewable energy generator in a home or small business. Owners and small contractors with a solar or wind turbine can use the net measure to offset their traditional supply costs while using own erenergy. Ameren Illinois has filed a special authorization tariff with the Illinois Trade Commission (ICC): Among Ameren Illinois` proposed changes to Rider NM – Net Metering, Residential customers and small rooftop solar customers who complete their generation after October 1, 2020 will receive retroactive credits for their delivery costs if ICC orders change the Neting Meter program… “Our position on net meters hasn`t changed,” said Richard Mark, president of Ameren Illinois. The fact is that most Ameren Illinois customers do not know that they are paying subsidies to benefit other customers who can afford to install their own solar system on the roof. That is why we will respect the law and continue to work for a fair and just approach for all Downstate customers.┬áThe full version of Ameren here. Killing net meters kills the solar energy held by the consumer. Distribution companies clearly want to monopolize renewable energy.

Net Metering does not actually act 1:1-Energy between a customer and a utility, because the Kwh credit comes from the last Kwh credit delivered first and, as a rule, prices are arranged in such a way as to reduce the cost of the last Kwh compared to the first Kwh delivered to a consumer. Utility companies earn money on the stock exchange and they never write a cheque, so every loan at the end of the fiscal year is keeping their own. There is not yet enough data on whether it is better to be in real time with net meters.

Thursday, April 8th, 2021

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