Note that the circumstances of a worker`s departure may provide a basis for challenging the enforceability of a non-competition clause. For example, if a worker has been innocently dismissed from his employment relationship, this could provide a basis for questioning the applicability of the non-competition clause. See Ruhl v. F.A. Bartlett Tree Expert Co., 245 md. 118, 128 (1967). The analysis of the feasibility of a non-competition clause also depends on the facts. The Obama administration has weighed up non-compete rules. In 2016, the Obama White House released a report on competition bans in the labor relationship, concluding that the agreements “can impose considerable costs on workers, consumers, and the economy in general.” However, if the court finds that certain provisions of your non-competition clause are invalid or inappropriate, the court may decide, under the Blue Pencil Act, to remove those provisions, while keeping the rest of the contract intact.

Once the hurtful provisions have been adopted, the court will determine whether the non-competition clause is still enforceable and valid. If a court finds that part of the non-compete agreement is invalid, it may nevertheless enforce the applicable parts. Maryland courts don`t like to supplement an existing contract, but they are willing to remove invalid provisions to make it enforceable. This is called “Blue Penciling” or “Blue Pencil Doctrine” and has its origin in the days when editors marked documents with a blue pencil. Next, the Tribunal decided that five years was inappropriate and unenforceable because the employer had not provided evidence or facts to support such a long period. Nor did the employer cite a case in which a Maryland court upheld a five-year non-compete clause. In September 2018, the attorneys general of New York and Illinois struck a deal with joint office pioneer WeWork in which the company agreed to eliminate a non-compete clause for its employees — some earn just $15 an hour, according to a Forbes story. The Federal Workforce Mobility Act was introduced in early 2018 in the U.S.

Senate by Democratic Senator Christopher Murphy of Connecticut. The law would prohibit any non-compete clause, but congressional measures on the proposed law were maintained roughly when it was introduced. Don`t risk your future and your livelihood by signing a non-compete clause that could seriously freeze your future. Before signing, contact the relevant Maryland labor attorneys at The Law Firm of J.W. Stafford, L.L.C., to discuss your agreement. If you ensure that your employer complies with the legal requirements for non-competition, you can protect yourself from devastating unemployment. Time constraints must also be reasonable, but this decision can depend on many things. One such factor is the time it will take for the employer to recover as soon as the worker leaves. For example, if the employer needs two years to rebuild its customer base after an employee leaves, it is likely that the non-compete clause will last two years. Non-compete obligations can only be applied and enforced in two circumstances: (1) where a company has employees who provide unique services; or (2) to prevent the future misuse of trade secrets, itineraries or customer lists or the recruitment of customers.

Assuming that one of these thresholds is met, the Tribunal will conduct an adequacy analysis to determine whether the non-competition clause is appropriate, both in terms of duration and geographical restrictions for the worker, which we will discuss shortly. The following information is intended to help employees understand how Maryland courts have analyzed non-competition between workers and employers. As you may have guessed, the courts analyze these competition prohibitions in a factual manner. Although the debate that follows only mentions non-competition, courts throughout Maryland analyze confidentiality, debauchery, and confidentiality agreements in order to protect trade or confidential secrets using the same analytical framework they use to analyze non-compete rules. . . .

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