(ii) The term is sometimes particularly used to describe a document containing special requirements for works, for example. B British standards which must meet the materials. (ii) a quasi-judicial method of dispute resolution, which lags behind a dispute or arbitration procedure; Generally designed as a process that is both faster and cheaper than litigation or arbitration. In this sense, the Academy of Experts1 is defined as “the exercise of a power contractually delegated to a third party to settle disputes on a provisional or final basis, if they arise, without recourse to formal arbitration or litigation”. Until the publication of the Latham Report2 and the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act in 1996, the decision in the context of construction was used primarily in accordance with clause 24 of the subcontracting form NSC/4 (formerly clause 13B of the green form), in the context of construction, to determine the right of a prime contractor to deduct amounts against a subcontractor. (ii) In particular, a person appointed as an arbitrator under an arbitration agreement within the meaning of the 1950-1996 Arbitration Acts. (iii) The term is sometimes used to describe an informal or short document instead of a list of exhibits. or, in the absence of such a designation, be determined taking into account the agreement of the parties and all relevant circumstances`. . (c) by the arbitral tribunal, if approved by the parties, and a general “urrying for stror”, lemon quoshes and beer. (ii) more generally, a clause that denies the parties the right to sue or arbitrate until the outcome of a tendering or ADR proceeding. (ii) The term is sometimes used in bulk to describe a rough estimate of the cost of the work. (ii) a contractor who carries out work, usually increased by costs, for the purpose of awarding all the work to subcontractors.

And its feathered red tones, blues and screams. (ii) a CBT case found to be fit for administration and procedure by a judge of the Supreme Court; see paragraph 3.7 of the CBT Guide (ii) in particular the person who appears in an ice of the FIDIC contract. Home ” Dictionary ” ATS (in the context of disputes) (ii) In particular, the architect who has the status of a contract under a contract, instructions and certificates in different cases. . . .

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