(1494) Agreement between Spain and Portugal, which divides the rights to colonization of all countries outside Europe. After learning of the Castile-sponsored voyage, the King of Portugal sent a threatening letter to the Catholic monarchs, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, in which he explained that the Treaty of Alcaovas, signed in 1479, and the Pontifical Taurus of 1481, which granted all the countries of the southern Canary Islands to Portugal, belonged to all the countries discovered by Columbus. Portugal. The King of Portugal also stated that he had already arranged for a fleet (an armada led by Francisco d`Almeida) to leave soon and take possession of the new lands. [Citation required] After reading the letter, the Catholic monarchs knew that they had no military power in the Atlantic to respond to the Portuguese, so they pursued a diplomatic outcome. [Citation required] May 4, 1493, Pope Alexander VI (Rodrigo Borgia), an Aragonese born of valence, decreed in the bull Inter caetera that all countries located west of a pole-to-pole line of 100 leagues west of one of the Azores or the islands of Cape Verde should belong to Castile, while the region would not be affected under Christian rule from Christmas 1492. [10] The bull did not mention Portugal or its lands, so Portugal could not claim newly discovered lands, even if they were east of the line. Another bull, Dudum siquide, entitled extension of the Apostolic Scholarship and the gift of the Indian Islands of September 25, 1493, gave all the islands and islands of the continent, “once or even even india” to Spain, albeit to the east of the line. [11] But by the time Kolon`s card arrived, the Portuguese had already conceded the vertical division. John II simply requested that the course be moved to 370 leagues west of Cape Verde. Under the agreement, Portugal would reach everything east of the route – the Cape Verde islands and the already known African coasts – while Spanish territory would extend to the west and include Colon`s recent discoveries. As the new colon map did not show any further country abandonments on the Portuguese side of the delimitation, Isabella and Ferdinand agreed.

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