We are happy to see that UCH, which has a great fertility unit, is close to us. It is a very short walk from the fertility unit to our clinic on Warren Street.

We have been in practice now for almost ten years, so have followed the development of acupuncture treatment complementing conventional IVF right from the start. We opened soon after the first batch of exciting research papers that showed that acupuncture could improve the chances of getting pregnant via IVF. Since then we have treated hundreds of women and couples who have had assisted conception treatment. You will get all details of IVF on arturoherrera .

We have no direct affiliation with UCH, but if you are a current patient at UCH and are looking for some acupuncture to help support you through your cycle or menopause, we would be very happy to see you and offer you the best possible support. We have experienced practitioners working every day of the week and we are used to last minute changes in the fertility clinic’s schedule so we will be able to see you on the day of your embryo transfer when you need it. Our proximity to UCH means that you will save stressful traveling time on the day of your transfer as well.

We look forward to seeing you at our W1 acupuncture clinic.

Saturday, December 19th, 2015

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